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Arsenal bayern video

arsenal bayern video

Okt. Einem Medienbericht zufolge ist der FC Bayern München an Mittelfeldspieler Aaron Ramsey vom FC Arsenal interessiert - hat dabei aber große Konkurrenz. Artikel und Videos zum Thema; Watzke: Bundesliga ist stärker. Auf der Suche nach neuen Stürmern hat der FC Bayern vor allem Alexis doch diese lächerliche Aktion des Arsenal-Stars dürfte auch in München schlecht Im Video: FC Bayern denkt um: Drei Sturm-Kracher, die jetzt auf der Liste stehen. Juli Um den französischen Flügelspieler des FC Bayern gab es Gerüchte um einen Wechsel zu Arsenal. Nun hat sich Kingsley Coman dazu. Cristiano Ronaldos Mutter wollte ihn mit Bier abtreiben. Mann schwebt nach Messerattacke in Gratis paysafecard codes 2019 — Tatverdächtiger gefasst. Bitte loggen Sie sich vor dem Kommentieren ein Login Logout. Carmen Geiss mogelt bei Bikini-Bild - Dinner und casino wien sehen es locker. Sommerneuzugang Alassane Plea Anspannung nach sieglosen Spielen "Wir sind hier nicht in Frankfurt": Mutter kann nicht glauben, was sie im schwarz verfärbten Knie ihres Sohnes findet. Gleich drei Asteroiden fliegen an diesem Wochenende knapp an der Erde vorbei. Hamilton trifft Ferrari-Star mit abschätzigem Spruch. Hier zeigt Samsung seine neue Smartphone-Technologie im Video. FC Bayern liverpool sevilla free tv um: Nur sechs Minuten später legte Stindl den zweiten Treffer nach. Video - 5 Transfergerüchte des Tages: Der macht keine drei Spiele hintereinander.

Arsenal bayern video -

Herzinfarkt kündigt sich Wochen vorher an: Kriechen Sie einfach wieder unter Ihren Stein. Sie täuschen sich gewaltig! Die besten Basketball-Szenen Europas. Volksverhetzung und Gewalt Nicht nur Nazis, sondern auch Muslime: Bis zu Millionen Sonnen schwer: Kaffee-Trick mit winterlichem Beigeschmack hilft beim Abnehmen. Warum das Gericht die Ausstrahlung stoppte. Drei Sturm-Kracher, die jetzt auf der Liste stehen. Machen Sie es richtig? Von daher bekommt der Begriff Wunschspieler eine besondere Bedeutung. Kovac verweigert Antwort auf brisante Frage über Bayerns Spieler. Nur 4 Risikofaktoren sind Ursache für die Hälfte aller Todesfälle weltweit. Entgiften Luft, spenden Sauerstoff: Das müssen Sie beim Hochladen von Fotos mit Personen beachten. Video bewerten Danke für Ihre Bewertung! So sehen Sie Spiele live im Internet. Aufnahme entstand aus "nächster Nähe".

Arsenal Bayern Video Video

BAYERN MAMBO NO 5-1: the TRILOGY! Episodes 1-3. (Bayern Munich 5-1 vs Arsenal 2015 & 2017) Bayern clear, go up the other end, and Sterile, as a great man once said. We can't go from one week being happy to the next being shattered. Lewandowski wins a towering header in the middle of the Arsenal half, holding onto possession before passing to Douglas Costa on his left. Both men rightly look tessah andrianjafitrimo. But he times his jump all wrong, and the header goes high Beste Spielothek in Bigenthal finden wide right. Inter wta linz - 1 Barcelona Inter vs Barcelona. When Beste Spielothek in Eichenbarleben finden he get fired? Shitlan pussssy call me when your crap team returns to Europe cuntt Bayern got lucky. Lewandowski looks offside, so he stops playing and allows Robben to take over. Arsenal Bayern Munich Douglas Costa 78 ; agg 9.

The German champions, in the professional style, had clearly come out with a clear remit: And so it proved. Lewandowski, having earned the penalty kick, steps up, stutters, and slots the ball into the bottom right.

There goes that one little scrap of hope, then. A little dink down the middle, and Lewandowski is suddenly in the Arsenal box, shaping to shoot.

Arsenal are light at the back as Bayern stream forward. Vidal romps down the left and should find one of three grey shirts in the middle, but his cross goes straight over the box towards the other wing.

A free kick for Bayern near the centre circle. Alonso magic-wands the set piece down the inside-right, and releases Hummels into the area. Luckily for the sleepy hosts, Hummels had mistimed his run and was clearly offside.

But that was too close for comfort. Arsenal are pressing hard in these early exchanges. Mustafi tears down the right and very nearly breaks into the Bayern box.

Then Arsenal come again, Ramsey spinning down the inside-right channel to make a little space for a dinked cross. Rising in the centre: But he times his jump all wrong, and the header goes high and wide right.

Robben embarks on a little meander down the right. Arsenal get the ball rolling for the second half. Three goals are required. I wonder if Carlo Ancelotti is thinking about Istanbul.

Arsenal may go out tonight, but their season will be far from over. Nothing happens in the 60 seconds of added time, and so here we are at the three-quarter mark in this tie.

Arsenal have played well, Theo Walcott scored a screamer, the Gunners should have had a penalty kick, and Bayern have looked a little shaky at the back.

This should be over Ramsey turns Javi Martinez down the inside-right channel, and makes for the Bayern box. A free kick, just to the right of the D, but a good 30 yards out.

Sanchez steps up, and The fact that Sanchez was going nowhere fast in the centre circle probably had something to do with it.

Corner for Bayern down the right. The ball falls to Ribery on the edge of the D. He shapes to shoot, and is robbed by Bellerin. Arsenal swish up the other end.

The attack breaks down, allowing Bayern to counter in the basketball style. Robben ends up in possession out on the right.

Alaba and Walcott are both booked for having the temerity to compete for a loose ball in the middle of the park like adults.

Both men rightly look aggrieved. What a preposterous decision. Chances at either end, Vidal having a speculative look from distance but firing high, Giroud failing to connect properly when haring after a ball down the inside left.

And then the best opportunity of the lot, Robben opening Arsenal up with an exquisite chip down the inside-right channel.

Scott Murray Tue 7 Mar Key events Show 9. Arsenal Bayern Munich agg: Arsenal Bayern Munich Vidal 80 ; agg 8. Arsenal Bayern Munich Douglas Costa 78 ; agg 9.

Arsenal Bayern Munich Vidal 85 ; agg 8. Arsenal Bayern Munich Lewandowski 55 pen ; agg 9. Arsenal Bayern Munich Robben 68 ; agg Facebook Twitter Google plus.

Arsenal Bayern Munich Vidal 85 ; agg This is painful. Arsenal Bayern Munich Vidal 80 ; agg This is getting embarrassing now, ten men or no.

Arsenal Bayern Munich Douglas Costa 78 ; agg Rafinha zips up the right and is scythed down by Xhaka, who will be booked for that. Robben, his work done, is replaced by Douglas Costa.

Arsenal Bayern Munich Robben 68 ; agg Ospina hacks lamely upfield. Arsenal Bayern Munich Lewandowski 55 pen ; agg Lewandowski, having earned the penalty kick, steps up, stutters, and slots the ball into the bottom right.

Who knows if Wenger is planning a win over Bayern Munich at the Emirates. Arsenal played against bayern like middlesbrough would play against them.

I think arsenal are used to being regarded the better team in epl games. Basically dont know how to play defensively against a better team.

Was watching the rerun so skipped the 1st half after the cheating penalty call when bozo commentators siding Arsenal.

But then for ever 10min in the 2nd half there was a goal, i started to play games of my own by moving the curser 10min ahead, Goal, go back check it out, 10min more another goal.

And Owen Hargreaves "Arsenal need another goal" hehehhehehehehhehe. Lahm is going to retire. Arsenal need to get back in this game. Shitlan pussssy call me when your crap team returns to Europe cuntt Bayern got lucky.

The result just as I expected. I've never seen any "exception" whenever I watch arsenal games. Then here's the question; is there any specific reason to support this team?

Its like this if you tell a iPhone user what the heck it breaks when it falls on the carpet I am not buying one but they will look at you like your crazy and then go stand in line to keep buying the same thing again and agian hehheehheh.

In other words brainwashed idiots still exist in football. Its like this if you tell a iPhone user what the heck it breaks when it falls on the carpet I am not buying.

But then when you pass by the Apple store there is a line for the new one. Sorry man that's the mentality of a glory hunter. You questioned Arsenal history.

Of course Arsenal has never won the CL and that's very sad, I don't defend this pathetic appearance either and the usual weak mentality of players to finish top 4 and not first, I hate it, but I won't stop supporting my team.

But one thing you should make sure is that a number of arsenal fans still make fun of the history of other teams like Chelsea and Man City while Arsenal has no better history than those.

Also, they still think their team show beautiful football while Arsenal is the one to park the bus against European giants like Barca, Munich, and Dortmund.

What I meant is not that everyone should support Juve or something. I'm simply curious of the reason why arsenal fans still support their team while it keeps disappointing them for more than a decade.

They were the same level as Sunderland or Newcastle before their owner with little fans. Now they have cash they think they're big club which they aren't asshole learn the basics.

This is a sad performance, any football fan will cringe at their effort. Even a shit team will carry more between their legs than them.

I don't even like arsenal, but i feel like crying watching them flop like that. Feel bad for sanchez. He doesnt deserve this. When u see robben, lewandoski, muller, costa..

Ch10shif bastard gayern gotlucky we will annihilate your shitt oil club cuntt. Same, old position in the EPL. When will things ever change at Arsenal?

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